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Taking the right steps shouldn't have to be difficult. And with Responsible Dentistry, it isn't.

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The sustainability juggernaut gathers pace, and we are all acutely aware of the demand from staff, patients and our own conscience that we simply must do more.

But with the pressure of running a practice higher than it's ever been, how do you create a more sustainable and responsible practice when time, knowledge and expertise are limited?

What We Do Here.


E-Book - The CSR Advantage

How responsibility will help you win the decade's biggest business challenge:

  • Demystify CSR once and for all.

  • Learn how to create your professional legacy

  • Gain a competitive advantage through responsibility.



Create a simple and solid CSR plan without needing to be an expert!

So you know that you want to be a more responsible practice. You understand that as well as being the right thing to do, being a sustainable and responsible business is great for you, the environment and your team.

This online, self-learning video course will help you get started.

Create a clear and simple, responsible & sustainable plan IN AN HOUR!


Sustainable Smiles Power Hour

An engaging, interactive CPD hour that's great for the environment and your team.

Do you want to reduce your dental practice's carbon footprint and get ahead of the imminent changes to CQC notable practice regarding sustainability? Are you eager to contribute more to the Earth but unsure how to begin?

Look no further than the Sustainable Smiles Power Hour.


Responsible Dentistry Academy

One year 'done for you' package for busy practices committed to becoming sustainable and responsible.

We deliver a proven way for your practice to succeed by caring for their people, protecting the environment and contributing to their community.

Mark Topley

Director - Responsible Dentistry


Having entered the wonderful world of UK Dentistry in 2003 thanks to a chance encounter with a persuasive dentist and a curry, I've spent the past 20 years helping dental professionals and businesses to reap the rewards of responsibility.

I love to help practice owners and managers to grow their leadership, teams and businesses with purpose - creating places where people love to come to work.

I'm both a qualified educator and a Fellow of the Institute of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability Professionals, which has provided me with the balance of skills needed to do this well. My experience as a senior leader in organisations on three continents has taught me that businesses work best when they are purpose-driven and responsibly-led.

I'm an author, speaker and panelist for the Private Dentistry and Dental Industry Awards.

“Mark's knowledge and experience in the CSR world are exceptional, and he has a natural affinity and communication style that make his messages appeal to employees at all levels. He is an amazingly talented trainer, consultant, coach and mentor."

Chris Barrow - Author & Speaker


"a powerful way to inspire our team"

CSR has been a powerful way to inspire our team. Their energy during our online session with Mark earlier this year was incredible. They were more engaged and enthusiastic than we’ve seen for some time.

angela auluck

Dental Rooms, Wimbledon Village

Ready to have your responsibility recognised?

If you're already working hard on your responsible practice, why not apply for a certification from our partner, Dental CSR Certification?

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