Welcome to Responsible Dentistry

Launching January 2022

Finally - a clear, manageable and easy to implement system to become a more responsible dental practice - one month at a time.

The sustainability juggernaut gathers pace, and we are all acutely aware of the demand from staff, patients and our own conscience that we simply must do more.

But with the pressure of running a practice higher than it's ever been, how do you create a more sustainable and responsible practice when time, knowledge and expertise are limited?

Taking the right steps shouldn't have to be difficult. And with Responsible Dentistry, it isn't.

How it works

Responsible Dentistry membership gives you just three things to do each month

  • After completing a free, simple online assessment which gauges your starting point, we will recommend one of three tracks - Bronze for those just starting out, Silver for practices with some initiatives in place, and Gold for the teams most advanced in their approach.

  • Each month through the responsible dentistry portal, we will tell you the tasks you need to complete next, and provide you with expert guidance and resources to support you to get them done.

  • Once you confirm you've completed the tasks, we'll release the next set of tasks to do.

  • Within the first year, you'll gain either Bronze, Silver or Gold Dental CSR certification.

All this and more for just £60 a month inc VAT

Responsible Dentistry starts in January 2022 - register here to be first to receive launch details